Electrical Emergency Procedures

  • If contact is made with a power line, the operator isThe image depicts a scenario where a power line is in contact with a vehicle, and the operator inside the vehicle is shown to be safe and unaffected by the electrical hazard outside.
    still safe in the vehicle.
  • Any attempt to leave the equipment could put the operator
    in contact with the vehicle & the ground.



Follow emergency procedures:

  • Everyone on the ground MUST stay away from the equipment.The image shows equipment surrounded by charged loads and ground, which can pose a risk of electrical hazard. The message conveyed is to avoid contact with such charged elements to ensure safety.
  • Load & ground around equipment
    can also be charged & should be avoided.
  • The operator should try to break contact by
    moving equipment away from the contact point.
  • If successful – move at least 3m away.
  • Where the machine cannot be disengaged &
    de-energized, the operator should stay inside the cab
    until electrical authorities ensure safe conditions.
  • If an emergency fire forces you to leave,…  jump clear of the equipment, keep both feet together, and shuffle away – do not take large steps
  • No part of the body should be in contact with the machine while another part is touching the ground.