Attachments & COG

  • A front-end loader or other attachment mounted on a tractor can raise the tractor’s COG.
  • When the bucket is raised high, the balance point for the whole tractor is also raised.
  • A side-mounted mower shifts the COG toward the mower & slightly lower depending on the mounting system
  • The tractor should be operated so the mower is on the uphill side.


An object will travel in a straight line unless it is deflected by an external force. The force that resists any change in direction from a straight line is called centrifugal force. Centrifugal force is a major factor in many vehicle upsets.

The centrifugal force increases both as the turning angle of the tractor becomes sharper (decreases) & as the speed of the tractor increases during a turn.

Centrifugal force is what usually pushes a tractor over when it is driven too fast when turning or during road travel.

Rear Rollovers

In a backward tip, the tractor can hit the ground in less than 1.5 seconds. Once the wheels begin to rise, you have less than 3/4 of a second to realize what is happening & take preventive action. In most cases, the tractor is past the point of no return.