Danger Zone

  • The danger zone is the working perimeter of mobile equipment.
  • Any person within that zone may be in danger.
  • Others may not be aware they are in the danger zone.
  • Danger zone injuries are usually “struck by” or “caught between” type – serious & sometimes fatal.

Rosko Forestry & Supervisor fined
Kirkland Lake; A worker was using a chain saw to cut large branches off trees when a 2nd worker swung a mechanical de-limber machine carrying a large poplar tree towards the other worker.  The worker was struck in the back by the tree & propelled forward into a pile of trees.  He suffered serious facial injuries.  It was his 1st day on the job.
Rosko Forestry fined – $70,000
Supervisor fined – $7,000
For failing to maintain a safety zone & failing to properly train & supervise.