Equipment – Load Deposit

  1. Be certain the landing point can
    safely support the load.
  2. The selected landing point should
    always be level, both front to back & side to side.
  3. When lifting or lowering, be certain
    of the path of the bucket, or attachments
    & load are clear of obstacles.
  4. Approach the landing point slowly
    with a load as low as possible.
  5. Avoid sudden stops.
  6. Place transmission or drive in neutral.
  7. Set parking brake.
    If the load is not level, during lifting or placement,
    the potential for equipment to tip over is greatly increased.
  8. Machine COG is furthest to the rear when the boom is raised with no load, ie.- immediately after depositing a load at an elevated position.
  9. If the machine becomes unstable in any way, STOP,…find a more suitable machine location & continue from there.


Driving on Hills, Slopes, Inclines

  • Driving on slopes or inclines can cause – vehicle tip-over or loss of load.
  • Travel up & down on inclines or slopes
    – bucket facing direction of travel
    – keep bucket  0.5 – 1m above ground
  • If m/c starts to skid or become unstable,
    – immediately lower the bucket to the ground & stop.
  • Driving across or steering on a slope may cause the machine to skid or turn over.
    – If direction must be changed, move to level ground, then change direction.