Fire Code – Ontario Portable extinguishers shall be kept operable and fully charged. Portable extinguishers shall be located so that they are easily
seen and shall be accessible at all times. The location of portable extinguisher shall be prominently indicated by signs or markings in large floor areas and in locations where visual obstructions cannot be avoided. Portable extinguishers in proximity to a fire hazard shall be
located so as to be accessible without exposing the operator to undue risk. Where a portable extinguisher is to be located in an area subject
to temperatures outside the range 4°C to 49°C, it shall be;
(a) placed in an enclosure where the temperature is maintained within this range, or
(b) of a type labelled for the temperature to which it will be exposed. When portable extinguishers are located on vehicles or in areas
where they are subject to jarring or vibration, brackets designed to accommodate these effects shall be used.