Start-Up guidelines

Means of Access

Many equipment injuries occur due to:

  •  Jumping off equipment
  • Wet & icy surfaces
  • Worn or improper boots
  • Poorly maintained access routes




Controls for Means of Access

Regulations require:

  • Means of access to the operator’s station does not endanger the worker.
  • Skid-resistant walking & climbing surfaces.
  • Handholds & footholds are sufficient to allow 3-point contact for mounting or dismounting.
  1. Always face equipment when mounting or dismounting.
  2. Never jump on or off the machine.
  3. Never attempt to mount or dismount a moving machine.
  4. Do not use the steering wheel or any control lever as a handhold when entering or leaving the machine.

Start-Up – Functional Test

  • Start the engine from the operator’s seat only.
  • Never start the engine by shorting across starter terminals or reaching the key outside the cab.