OHSA – Construction Regulations

The Occupational Health & Safety Act definition of “Competent Worker”

“competent worker”, in relation to specific work, means a worker who,

(a) is qualified because of knowledge, training and experience to perform the work,
(b) is familiar with the Occupational Health and Safety Act and with the provisions of the regulations that apply to the work, and
(c) has knowledge of all potential or actual danger to health or safety in the work;

Section 52
(1) Fire extinguishing equipment shall be provided at readily accessible and adequately marked locations at a project.
(1.1) Every worker who may be required to use fire extinguishing equipment shall be trained in its use.

(2) Without limiting subsection (1), at least one fire extinguisher shall be provided,
(a) where flammable liquids or combustible materials are stored, handled or used;
(b) where oil-fired or gas-fired equipment, other than permanent furnace equipment in a building, is used;
(c) where welding or open-flame operations are carried on;
(d) on each storey of an enclosed building being constructed or altered,

(3) At least one fire extinguisher shall be provided in a workshop for each 300 or fewer square metres of floor area.

Section 53
(1) Fire extinguishing equipment shall be of a suitable type and size to permit the evacuation of workers during a fire.
(2) Every fire extinguisher,
(a) Shall be a type whose contents are discharged under pressure; and
(b) Shall have an Underwriters’ Laboratories of Canada 4A:40B:C rating.

Section 54
(1) Fire extinguisher equipment shall be protected from physical damage and from freezing.
(2) After a fire extinguisher is used, it shall be refilled or replaced immediately.

Section 55
Every fire extinguisher shall be inspected for defects or deterioration at least once a month by a competent worker who shall record the date of the inspection on a tag attached to it.