Parking – Vehicle Immobilization

  • Immobilizing means making it impossible for the vehicle to be operated or moved.
  • It is required every time operator leaves the seat or the controls of the equipment to do something outside the cab.

Shutting down the Equipment

Follow the manufacturer’s instructions for shutting down.

  1. Come to a full & complete stop on a level surface (if possible)
  2. Set parking brake.
  3. Lower attachments, buckets, blades, etc. to the ground.
  4. Place the controls in neutral (or park).
  5. Idle engine – gradual cooling. Shut off the engine.
  6. Cycle hydraulic controls –  relieve trapped system pressure.
  7. Remove the ignition key.
  8. Close windows, vents, etc.
  9. Dismount equipment using proper handrails, ladders or steps provided.
  10. Block wheels if parked on a grade.