• Choose the appropriate class & size of extinguisher for the potential fire hazard present.
  • Be Aware of your surroundings prior to attempting to extinguish a fire.
  • If it is unsafe or the fire appears to be beyond your abilities or the abilities of your extinguisher, leave to a safe location and Call 911
  • Be aware of the extinguishers range prior to discharging
    • To close can cause the agent to strike the fire with too much velocity, causing the fire to spread.
    • To far away can lead to waste of extinguishing agent and leave the extinguisher unable to completely put out the fire.

P – Pull the pin
A – Aim the nozzle at the base of the fire
S – Squeeze the trigger
S – Sweep from side to side

  • Monitor the area as long a necessary to ensure there is no hazard remaining.
  • Tag the extinguisher for re-charge and removing from the work area.
  • Replace the depleted extinguisher.
  • All Fire Extinguishers on construction projects must be a minimum 4A:40B:C rating.