Terrain Hazards

Soil Conditions

Look for:

  • Gravel/soil conditions – poor traction.
  • Loose soil over a firm clay or rock base, which may slip underweight.
  • Wet & slippery hard-packed clay.
  • Soft spots – mud – hidden wheel ruts.

Water Hazards

  • Be aware of all water situations.
    –  standing water & marshy areas.
    –  hidden boulders, can cause a sudden shift of the load.
  • Unless you are certain the depth of water does not exceed a safe operating level, do not drive through a body of water.


  • Be careful driving thru wooded areas.


  • extension of load – forks, buckets, other machine or vehicle parts.
  • hidden hazards – branches & brush can cover gullies or obscure slope edges

* roll-over hazard.

  • watch for rocks & stumps.

Hills, Slopes, Inclines

Know the location of all;

  • slopes
  • drop-offs
  • overhangs

Driving on slopes or inclines can be dangerous. It can result in vehicle tip-over or loss of load.
Avoid these areas whenever possible.

Culverts…concerns are:

  • lack of necessary support for the load.
  • heavy loads
    – culvert can give way & collapse.
  • insufficient backfill,
    – the vehicle can slide into the ditch.
  • loose soil,
    – the vehicle can slide when crossing.

* Always exercise caution with culverts.