• Liquids
  • Gases
  • solids

This pictogram is used only for Oxidizers.
Oxidizer – significant fire hazard

  • Do not burn themselves – give off oxygen or other oxidizing substances to greatly increase fire/explosion risk & make it more intense
  • Can be a health hazard
  • Very reactive with incompatible materials
  • Some oxidizers have a strong odour:
    ozone – fluorine – chlorine
    Makes them easier to detect
  • Some are odourless:
    oxygen – hydrogen – peroxides
    More hazardous – cannot detect them


Key Handling for Oxidizers

  • Eliminate ignition sources & combustible materials
  • Keep away from incompatible materials, greases, lubricants, cleaning solvents, paints, thinners, etc
  • Keep valves & fittings free from oil & grease
  • Caution when mixing with water – follow supplier’s directions
  • Never return unused material to original container
  • Do not use wooden or combustible pallets for storing containers